Japanese Tour Commemorative Patch

1999 - 2004
American Dog forms as a three-piece band with Michael Hannon on vocals and bass, Steve Theado on guitar, and Keith Pickens on drums (1999).

In January 2002, Steve Theado is hit by a car while changing a flat tire. The driver of the car fails to stop and is never found. With Theado in a wheelchair, they start recording their third album in May and perform a show in June. To honor him, the new album is given the title, "Red, White, Black and Blue."
The band performs multiple dates in two Canadian Provinces - Ontario and British Columbia - and tour Europe four times, performing in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland and Switzerland, including dates with Tito and Tarantula, V-8 Wankers and others.
In the United States they perform in Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, South Dakota, Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, and Maine, including dates with Southern Rock All-Stars, Ronnie Montrose, WASP, L.A. Guns, Bullet Boys, Nazareth, Molly Hatchet, The Godz, Slash’s Snakepit, Mike Tramp, Pete Way (UFO), Overkill, David Allan Coe, The Yayhoos (Dan Baird), Ron Keel's Iron Horse, Blackberry Smoke, .38 Special, Jackyl, Stephen Pearcy (Ratt), and Billy Idol. They also had an amazing performance in the Las Vegas casino just before the World Series of Poker opening, for which you can read more by following this link.

2005 - 2010
They tour Europe three times and return four more times for festival appearances, performing in France, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Switzerland, Spain, and England, including dates with Twisted Sister, UFO, XYZ, Vixen, V-8 Wankers and Crucified Barbara. They return to the U.K. and tour England. They also tour Japan.


In the United States they perform in Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Kentucky, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Virginia, and North Carolina, including dates with Frank Hannon (Tesla), The Godz, Blackberry Smoke, The Boyzz, Helix Ted Nugent, Cinderella, Nashville Pussy, Dave Rude Band (Tesla), Dangerous Toys, Jackyl, AceFrehley, Rhino Bucket, L.A. Guns, Broken Teeth, Molly Hatchet, D’Molls and Krokus.

2011 - present
Michael “Hazard’ Harris replaces Keith Pickens on drums (2011). Vinnie Salvatore is added to the lineup on rhythm guitar and American Dog becomes a four piece band for the first time (2013).
The band tour Europe twice, performing in France, Spain, Germany, The Czech Republic, Holland, and Switzerland.
In the United States, they perform in Ohio, Kansas, Texas, Iowa, Illinois, Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Indiana, Kentucky and California, including dates with Ted Nugent, Rhino Bucket, Broken Teeth, Bang Tango, Don Jamieson (That Metal Show), Starz, Blue Coupe (Dennis Dunaway of Alice Cooper and Al Bouchard of Blue Öyster Cult), Airbourne, Tuff and Faster Pussycat. On the 9th of November 2013, American Dog performs a special show serving as the backing band for Derek St. Holmes, vocalist for Ted Nugent.

2014 - Toured the United States and France, including dates with Tesla, Blue Coupe and Skinny Molly.





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